Hi! I'm Lisa Entwisle, a passionate woman, a mother of two beautiful humans, living in Melbourne, Australia and I want to make a difference in the world. I want to live on a planet where people like and value themselves , make values based choices and in turn connect authentically, spreading more compassion, kindess and joy. 

My mantra is "connection is medicine" : connection to self, others and nature. It is only when we practice acceptance, gratitude, clear communication and humility can we truly live a wellthy life.

I'm not a big on "titles" but for the purposes of satisfying those who feel more comfortable knowing what I "am" here goes:

Besides being the founder of Wellthy Living, I am an integrated life, clarity & well-being coach and mentor, a corporate wellness consultant, author of 'babyweights-bond with your baby through exercise', a conversation facilitator, event creator, facilitator and host and some have referred to me as  a change agent.


I help open-minded, big hearted people CONNECT to themselves, others and the world around them. 

In turn they develop more confidence, clarity and overall wellbeing to pursue their passion and achieve their lifestyle goals in a way that's unique to their own personality and style.

I create and hold a space that allows people to grow by accessing their own wisdom, a space for courage, risk taking, vulnerability, creativity, self trust, love, respect and confidence.

I strip back the layers, cut through the BS and remove the overwhelm, helping my clients map things out in a simple and realistic way to build a complete picture of their personal and business vision. Basically I help people turn their information in transformation.

I am a strong believer in 'collective wisdom' and collaborating and drawing on the expertise of other professionals both for my own and my clients needs.

I am very passionate about women feeling safe to show up and speak their truth and feel comfortable to  embrace their unique self.

'When we are truly guided by our own truth and our own mission - is when the real magic happens!'

During the last couple of years I have worked predominately with women in business and it has validated for me how many amazing women are out there doing amazing work. And although each has their own unique offering, modality and method, their big vision, their big 'why' is very similar. 

I have experienced so many women who have resistance to being seen and heard. Feeling the need to get it perfect before putting themselves out there. Holding themselves back due to fear, shame, lack of confidence and self belief, or not having crafting their perfect message, or their perfect sharing. In addition I also witnessed many women comparing themselves to others and feeling like they are not as good, feeding into their "not good enough' story. 

I can help you call BS on this from now on - as every single one of you (us) is amazing and a true gift of inspiration for somebody else. Everyone acts as a reflection, assisting the growth of others. We all understand the nature of competing and competition can have a certain value in life, but when it makes you feel lesser than someone else, it serves no purpose.

We are all in this together. Our collective wisdom is needed to bring about change. We cannot do this alone. It's time to come together and connect from a heart space, support one another, collaborate where appropriate and rise together!

As Marianne Williamson says, "The more you truly show up for life, not hanging back but really investing in yourself heart and soul, the more life will show up for you"