These sessions are tailored to your specific needs, depending on your stage of business or life. Together, we will cut through the overwhelm, get clear on your values, identify your strengths, natural talents, trained skills, challenges & opportunities and then focus on the most relevant things for you right now.

We will APPLY this knowledge and DEVELOP an ACTION PLAN that will facilitate a transformation that will enhance your life - work, relationship and/or health and in guide you to live a Wellthy Life.

With over 20 years of experience and 1000’s of clients I have refined my ability & intuition to quickly identify core issues that are holding you back from living your best version and achieving your desired outcomes.

All my face to face sessions are conducted in Melbourne, Australia, however sessions can be facilitated via video conference which means we can work together from wherever you live in the world. 


I have witnessed many people spend a lot of time upskilling yet for varying reasons not seem to apply and integrate their current or new knowledge effectively and confidently.  So I am on a mission to help people turn their information into transformation.  



Even with best intentions, living in a way that supports our optimal well-being can prove challenging. Whether you are working toward a goal, navigating change or moving through a life transition, support and guidance can really help reduce the overwhelming feeling and assist you to navigate your path and achieve your aligned and desirable outcomes.

​In these sessions I help you CONNECT to your true self, to others and the world around you by getting clear on your values, intentions and creating grounded practices to develop more joyful focus in your life.

Some of the things we may work on together in our coaching sessions:

  • Developing your confidence and inner power to create your own success, expansion and value
  • Getting really honest with yourself and what impact you are having on yourself and others
  • Getting really clear on your values and the way you want to show up in the world
  • Connecting to your inner wisdom
  • Your decision making and problem solving ability
  • Gaining clarity on your priorities and values
  • Creating more joy, curiosity, creativity and focus to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Establishing your true sense of direction and developing an action plan that moves you toward your objectives
  • Becoming clear on what tasks will best lead you to achieving your desired outcomes
  • Identifying your strenghs to help improve your focus and effectiveness
  • Improving your motivation by having clarity in what you want to achieve and why
  • Communicating honestly, respectfully and with awareness to better your working relationships
  • Address challenges, take personal responsibilty and be accountable for your choices
  • Developing your courage to turn your dreams into reality by small actionable steps that leasd you to your goal
  • Embrace change, failures and growth
  • Set clear boundaries to stay on your own track
  • Becoming more process focussed
  • Self reflection tools
  • Develop your SELF trust, compassions and acceptance
  • Enhance your resourcefulness


Looking after yourself is a must for success -work, health and relationships. But this includes so much more than just eating well, moving your body, getting pampered, going to bed early, creative play and more. Yes these are all a really important part of self care but so is looking after your self by having regular sessions where you can speak in confidence, share your experiences, gain feedback or mentoring while feeling truly seen and heard is invaluable.

Debriefing is a “conversational session" where you share information about a specific event, situation or set of circumstances that's taken place, I will then share with you what I’m hearing in a safe, respectful, unbiased, truthful and non-judgemental way and together we will draw out the wisdom and devise a relevant action plan to restore your inner power and leave you feeling lighter.

Some of the things you many experience as a result of these sessions:

  • A sense of release
  • A feeling of calmness
  • Greater self knowledge and awareness
  • A feeling of greater connection
  • Better commuincation in business and personal relationships
  • Reflection and reassessment of your values, direction and purpose
  • More clarity and confidence in yourself and your needs

These sessions are a great oppportunity to share and release the weight inside and experience the joy and inner peace you deserve.


All packages are customised to needs of individual clients. I believe each person requires something different depending on what they are working on as well as availability. I am here to reduce your overwhelm, so I feel it is important to devise programs based on individual need. Packages can be worked out with a free introductory call.

For those not ready to committ to a long term relationship and would prefer a some casual dates to decide whether we are a good fit, I offer a special starter package. This includes 4 hours of coaching, spread over a maximum of 3 sessions with an exchange of $500.