We have now entered the final few months of this year. Do you feel like you are in a rush? I feel like so many people are overwhelmed and in a race to the finishing line?

Trust me, I know what it feels like, I've been there. But not this year, because I have given myself permission to slow down, pause and take time for reflection. And guess what it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only do I feel more joy, but I feel like I'm succeeding at life so much more than when I'm running in the race. I feel like I have so much more self awareness, self care and self trust. And I know that from this place of TRUE SELF I hold the key to success.

Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos and create meaning from our experiences. This is where the real learning and magic happens. This is the information we can use to make informaed future decisions that have impact and bring about ongoing growth, development and subsequent my success.

“We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey - American philosopher & psychologist.

According to research published by the Harvard Business School: you’ll reap the most rewards by spending time reflecting on your experiences.

I watch so many business owners and leaders avoid this very important process. Often becuase it doesn't always have an obvious or tangible ROI. However I would argue that the ROI is increased clarity, motivation, focus, self knowledge, self worth and more. It is a way to measure your own progress.

I know even with the best intentions, setting time for relfection while you are in the race to the "finishing line" just ain't going to happen alone. So I've decided to make it easier for you, by providing a safe, faciltated session to guide you to reflect with other women in business. Afterall, collective wisdom is invaluable and so is the power of being seen and heard.

Please join me and the wonderfully inspiring  Peace Mitchell for the final Wellthy Living Collective Wisdom Workshop of 2017 on Wednesday morning November 29th, 10am-1pm to:

CONNECT: When women gather real magic happens!

REFLECT: What worked this year, what didn't, Who did you met? What did you learn? What did you achieve? What did you fail at? How did you grow as a person? How can you give more? Where do you need to pull back? and so many more questions to reflect on

CREATE: Set intentions and generate ideas for 2018

CELEBRATE: Celebrate together in a way I guarantee will have you smiling if not laughing (this part of the event is a suprise that you will love)

Taking the time to connect, reflect, create and celebrate is such an important part of expanding as a person and in turn allowing for all aspects of your life to expand.

GUEST FACILITATOR: Peace Mitchell is the co-founder of AusMumpreneur, Australia's #1 community for mums in business, and the Women's Business School, which provides flexible & time efficient business education for women who've started their own business.

Peace will share her reflections of 2017. The things that worked well and the things that didn't go so well. As women in business we need to keep it real and that's what Peace is going to do at this event.

So when is comes to building a national business with a large community of women, providing impactful programs enhanced by collaborations and real connection and giving back, Peace is full of wisdom, experience and knowledge.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to hear from such a grounded, humble, wise, successful woman.

All Wellthy Living events are inviting, inclusive and heart centred and highly value collective wisdom.
They are a place to connect authentically with other women and experience a balance of joy, depth, learning and wisdom sharing through nourishing facilitated conversations and worshop style activities.
A place to be seen and heard without judgement. A place to show up in all your uniqueness and know that no matter where you are currently at you are a gift of inspiration for someone else.

A 3 hour event with expert facilitation, morning tea, opportunities for connection and nourishing conversations.
ROUND 1 $33.00 (very limited available) SOLD OUT
ROUND 2: $44.00 (limited)
ROUND 3: $55.00 (all remaining tickets)