ways to work with me ......

Coaching & Consulting- personal & small groups

Types of coaching includes: Life, leadership, clarity, vision, transitions, mindset and wellbeing.  

All sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Together, we will work on your core personal foundations by getting clear on your values, identifying your strengths, natural talents, trained skills, challenges & opportunities and then focus on the most relevant things for you right now.

Once you expanded your self- knowledge, I facilitate an application process and together we will develop an action plan, including grounded practices, that leads you to more joyful focus in your work, relationship and/or health.

I also facilitate de-briefing sessions.

I HELP YOU turn your information into transformation!

Consulting services - programs and events

I identify needs, understand challenges, redefine or reframe problem, make recommendations based on diagnosis, assist with implementation plan, facilitate additional learning needs and curate service providers.

Facilitation - workshops, meetings & event hosting

Facilitation is the art of leading people through a process toward an agreed-upon intention in a way that encourages participation, self responsibility and creativity.

Wellbeing Workshops  

Some workshop topics include:

  • Addressing core foundations for sustainable success
  • The connected leader
  • Connected teams
  • Navigating transitions - returning the office with maximum ease and minimum stress

Event hosting - For your conference, retreat or any other event.

Meetings - I structure conversations to keep discussions effective. The meeting members will be guided to find their own solutions, without being told or offered solutions.

Share your message - online video interviews

Join me for an online video interview where I help you share your message with more confidence, clarity, authenticity and integrity - allowing your audience to really connect with you and understand you and your business more deeply.

This service is available to 

  • small business owners
  • creatives  
  • event speakers and facilitators
CREATION, CURATION & MODERATION of stage discussions 

Panel discussions: Engaging, well thought out panel discussions created and delivered for you at your next conference, retreat or connection event. 

I offer a complete service - from choosing a relevant topic, curating diverse panelists (include a recruitment process), preparation work with panelist to ensure they are clear about agreed expectations, moderation of the discussion and engagement of the audience.

Q & A and 1-1 interviews- As a deep and creative generalist with extensive extensive as a facilitator and podcast host and an education in applied and social science, I can confidently facilitate live forums and stage interviews on a vast range of topics.

Online courses

A series of video conversations that discuss and share learnings and insights and allow you to reflect and gaining greater clarity of what inspired action you take to create and sustain a 'Wellthy Life'.

Upcoming course: Healthy relationship dynamics