I am a ....

Big hearted, open minded, purpose and impact driven woman.

Curious conversationalist. Coach. Consultant. Creator. Connector. Collaborator. Curator.

Group facilitator. Panel discussion creator & moderator. Podcast creator & host.

Health promotion practitioner. Human development enthusiast. Life learner. 

Visionary thinker. Research queen.

Coffee loving. Journal writing. Truth speaker. Truth Seeker. 

Loving mother. Living in Melbourne, Australia.

Success means something different to all of us. My hope is that you're able to have the confidence and clarity to align with your own flow, that you define, achieve and sustain success in your own way and that you're also able to allow, accept and support the choices of others.

Success consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.

Adrianna Huffington

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. 

Maya Angelou

I want to make a difference in the world. To be a responsible leader and contribute to a world that is ethically, environmentally and equitably sound.

I want to live in a world where we are connected to our joy, fulfilled, lead with inner power and live in a ways that align with our values, having a ripple effect on everyone around us, including our planet, leading to a better world and hey, who doesn't want a better world!

Through lived experience and working with 1000’s of clients over a 20+ year career, I have developed a deep understanding and refined intuition of human behaviour - what motivates, what creates resistance and core issues that hold us back from achieving desired outcomes.

I create and hold a space that allows people to grow by accessing their own wisdom, a space for courage, risk taking, vulnerability, creativity, self trust, love, respect and confidence.

I'm skilled at asking the questions that others side step and calling out the elephant in the room. I strip back the layers, cut through the BS and remove the overwhelm, helping my clients map things out in a simple and realistic way to build a complete picture of their personal and business vision. Basically I help people turn their information in transformation.

'When we are truly guided by our own truth and our own mission - is when the real magic happens!'

A bit more about me......

I strive for overall life balance, wholeness, integrity and alignment. I set an intention to engage in daily exercise and nourish my body with nutritious food. I work to create rich, growth filled and loving relationships. 

As confirmed by a vast body of research, from organisations such as Harvard and Stanford (http://ScienceOfPurpose.org), I agree that purpose bleeds into every area of life - netting higher levels of vitality, learning, engagement, contentment, fulfilment, inclusivity, civic engagement, attraction, love and intimacy.

I traverse the middle road, I bridge worlds. Sometimes I even feel I play an interpreter from 'English' to English. My diverse circles, don't make me immune to confirmation bias but they do allow me to experience different perspectives, broadening my awareness and knowledge to draw insights.

I am a strong believer in 'collective wisdom' and drawing on the expertise of other professionals both for my own and my clients needs. I know my limits and set boundaries accordingly, collaborating with others who can provide further knowledge and guidance where I cannot.

One of 'Wellthy Living' missions is bringing diverse people together to learn new skills and bring about more connection through empathy, understanding, humility, curiosity, joy, kindness and respect.

and my backstory ...

I started my journey with a Bachelors degree in Applied Science (health promotion & human movement). I geeked out on human physiology and biology and gained knowledge with units in public health, human behaviour, skill acquisition, teaching, writing and more.  Since, I have managed large corporate wellbeing programs, planned, implemented and evaluated high level programs and projects, conducted 1000's of health related appraisals,  delivered 100's of seminars, workshops and classes, co-ordinated and hosted small and large events, created and produced 'babyweights' - deck of flash cards including 48 ways your can work out with your baby and coached a diverse range of people.

As a life learner, I have completed many professional and personal development trainings and read many books in human development with a spilt focus on science, mindset and alternative therapies.