whats other love about my coaching

Cannot thank Lisa enough for helping to redirect me, implement life goals and work through my challenges. She has a clever way of helping you to recognise your own goals and how they align with your inner desires. She is personable and empathic, but most of all a very effective coach.

If you want to smash your goals......she is the one for you. 


After having an intro session with Lisa today I can recommend her . She really has the ability to cut through the crap and help you clarify your direction and how to get there in an authentic way maintaining your integrity . Also she works out your strengths and how to leverage your zone of genius .


Lisa is a very skilled business clarity and vision coach. Her approach is engaging, enthusiastic and direct. She assisted us to gain clarity in our direction forward, a direction we would not have decided upon had it not been for her guidance. Her fluid, penetrating questions supported us to delve deeper into our motivations and interests regarding the work, allowing us to "fine tune" our target market. Thanks Lisa!


I found Lisa so incredibly tuned into my challenges, she helped to work through various aspects (visible and invisible). Lisa helped me to find my own tools to dismantle obstacles and feelings of being stuck, and also working through the next steps. Lisa helped me to align myself, be more honest, kind and shift internal barriers in an empowering, authentic and nurturing way. 

I strongly recommend connecting with Lisa for a personalised approach to support your needs in personal, work, business or whatever life might throw at you.


Lisa thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through the challenges that 2018 has presented. I have connected with myself and have had a year of personal development through your honest feedback and giving me a different perspective on things.
I think we all need someone in times of difficulties and I'm so glad to have you guide me through the process in a truthful and integral manner. You are such an empowering soul and you have a community around you that has the same values and beliefs.

I highly recommend Lisa if anyone wants to get in touch with their inner self, find true path and have self development in the process.


I went into the session with Lisa not really having any thoughts or pre-conceived ideas of what/how this would go and truly just went in with an open mind. 


The session was actually perfect timing.  My general mindset and wellbeing were probably at the worst they have ever been (I’m naturally one of those, “positivity, you got this!, shrug the bad stuff off and move on” type of people), so this session opened up my eyes and mind to really understand what was ‘driving’ a lot of this mindset and self-doubt and how to potentially turn it around and look at it with a different lens.


Lisa was a natural and made me feel like I was chatting to a girlfriend and just having a BFF session.


The instant calmness and comfort you feel when you talk to Lisa is is so refreshing. She helped me grow, see and deal with things in a different way.


You know when someone says 'that thing' 
that stops you in your tracks, makes your arm hair stand on end, your jaw drop open and a million puzzle pieces fly together to build a complete picture of your vision that was just seconds before, completely abstract?
As a result of my session with Lisa earlier this year, I've been slowly and methodically building some new projects up from nothing, simultaneously and are now bearing fruit. She took the crazies in my mind and mapped it out simply and has made it easy for me to focus, which is a tough thing for me. 
I'm so grateful for our session and the ease at which it flowed.


whats other love about my group facilitation & events

The 'Mastersoul program' was totally AHMAAAAZING!!!!

This experience and can change your life! It's so incredible how women coming together and using their own personal life experience to share and help others can be so powerful. Lisa guides the session with such fluidity and her professional guidance is invaluable. HIGHLY recommend                                                                    


I regularly attend Lisa's events and without a doubt they are the best in person connection events I have ever been to. 

The opportunity to connect with other people in a fully faciltated environment takes away any anxiety and small talk or feeling awkward in a group is invaluable.

Lisa is one of the best space holders I know, and I would recommend her work in every capacity.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for today! 
It was such an inspiring morning and it was so wonderful to come together with other women that are feeling the same. It struck me how amazing it is to feel so much connection to people you have just met and there was such warmth and honesty in the room - love love love!


Stunning venue, interesting and valuable speakers covering subjects we all need to embrace. The day was warm, vibrant and successful at connecting beautiful women to each other. Well done to Lisa and thank you to all the women I met and to those I did not, your energy was quite amazing and I loved being part of such an inspiring collective of powerfully individual, unique and very beautiful women.

It was a beautiful and inspiring morning,thank you Wellthy Living, you are such a blessing.


What a special contribution to life and womanhood -love your work and thank you for brightening my day!!

Wow!!! Lisa this morning was incredible!! Amazing speakers, gorgeous venue, and powerful crowd of soulful women!! Thank you so much for bringing us all together.


Thanks for a fabulous connecting event this morning! It was unlike any 'networking/speaker' event I've ever been to and will certainly be going to the next one! Incredible presenters and a wonderful host.